How 61ogos works?

How to pick a logo?

To find the best logo for you project, we advise you to browse the catalog at least once and select the logos that you like by clicking on the "favourite" button,

you will be able to create your own catalog of your favourites, and take your time in deciding the perfect logo for your company.

Customizing your logo

All logos in our catalog are editable with graphics software such as Adobe Illustrator or Adobe Photoshop,

if you are not familiar with using these software we are here to help you with your project.

For additional $30, We will modify your logo with your choice of colours, your company name and font and present you final files and thats it!!

You will have your logo ready in less than 24 hours. To buy modification simply send us an email at, and submit your information,

once we receive your order we will make the necessary changes and present you with a sample, once approved we will send you the final files with all the necessary formats.

Extensive logo customization

If the logo design is not quite what your are looking for and it needs more customization,

if you need to edit a logo or combin it with another logo, We will be able to create your vision.

Simply contact us and get a quote for your special project at .

Exclusive or Non exclusive? Whats the difference?

The difference is copyright and ownership, Exclusive logos are sold only once and removed from our catalog, you will be able to copyright and fully own the logo.

Non exclusive logos  are logo templates that we keep the copyright and sell to more than one customer, there are no limitation on how you can use your Non exclusive logo for your project.

You are however are not allowed to resell as a logo template.

How to get a business card with your logo?

Weather you have picked a logo from our catalog or you have your own logo to place on a business card,

you can buy any business card design or stationery design from our catalog,

and after that you send us an email at with the code of your product, all the information and details.

Vector logos:

-Vector or EPS formats are line drawings that do not lose any quality when they're resized to absolutely any size

-Vector or EPS logos this makes the graphics versatile, easy to edit, customize and rework. 

-Vector logos come in EPS, PDF, AI, PSD layer, Jpeg, PNG.

-Vector Logos can be edited with Adobe Illustrator CS, Some Corel draw versions.

For any question, please, contact us.